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Expectations in All Settings

  • Have Integrity
    • Be On Time
    • Follow Instructions
    • Use Technology Appropriately
    • Keep Your Body and Objects to Yourself
  • Show Compassion
    • Communicate Appropriately
    • Listen for Understanding
    • Resolve Conflict Peacefully
  • And Persevere
    • Stay Engaged
    • Keep Commitments

Guide to Help Parents Access Infinite Campus

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We wanted to let you know we are aware many parents have had problems trying to access academic information for students in the new parent portal. We sincerely apologize for the problems you may have had and understand how important it is for you to be able to see this information.

Click here to access the Infinite Campus Portal Guide to view step-by-step directions for creating an account, getting into the system and finding information.

If these directions do not provide enough information, or if you still have questions or need help, please contact our dedicated Infinite Campus parent support team at or 913-627-4150.

Know Your Timeline

As you get ready for the journey to college, the following timelines are important for your teen to follow. You don’t want to put off preparing until the last minute, because you can miss important deadlines for testing, admissions, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. If you need assistance with this college planning process, contact the College & Career Center, who can aid you in this journey.

Junior Year Activities

Fall – Winter

Contact colleges/programs of interest for visitations – visit some during school breaks.
Review your transcript with your guidance counselor.

Spring – Summer

  • Continue to visit colleges/programs of interest – spring break and summer are great times to visit out of town schools!
  • Take the ACT or SAT
  • Start search for scholarships
  • Select teachers, family friends to write recommendations
  • Prepare your resume (for scholarships and applications) and save it to update as needed
  • Prepare some general application essays

Senior Year Activities

September – November

  • Take ACT or SAT … for scholarships / certain schools

  • Contact colleges / programs of interest to set up visits
  • Start applying for scholarships – see your school counselor for an updated list
  • Review your transcript with your counselor
  • Contact teachers, family friends to write recommendations
  • Refine your resume and update it as needed

November – December

  • Get your applications in EARLY by Thanksgiving – watch for deadlines, apply to more than one institution, and pick one in your local area … just in case!
  • Retake ACT or SAT if necessary
  • Intensify your search for scholarships

January – February

  • Financial aid – prepare your income tax early, financial aid forms need to be filed as soon as possible. Know your colleges’ priority deadlines! Get it done by February 15 and you will be safe.

March – June

  • Watch for admission letters to arrive
  • Make your final decisions
  • Notify your counselor of where to send your final transcript
  • Get ready to go to school!!!