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School Improvement Plan and Data Points

Schlagle Vision:

Developing a 21st century education that offers all students equitable access to future opportunities.

School improvement Goals:

KAP goal- 10% growth as a whole and in each subgroup

ACT- 21 and higher

Attendance rate 90%
Continue to decrease discipline incidents and infractions
95% of students will pass all courses with a grade of C or better.
All disaggregated student subgroups will improve performance on the Kansas Assessment Program (KAP)
10% or more of 2019 cohort will score a 21 or higher on the ACT
70% or more of the 2019 cohort will receive 1 or more Diploma+ endorsements
90% of the 2019 cohort will graduate on-time

Certified adult attendance rate:
1st quarter:  97%
2nd quarter (as of 12/6/18): 96.4%
The absences counted are disability and those connected with disability.  Professional leaves and others are not counted.  There were 44 days in 1st quarter.  At the time 2nd quarter was determined it was only 31 days.

Student attendance rate:
1st qtr
2nd qtr
Graduation Rate

Diploma+ Data